Friday, March 26, 2010

Nurses and Doctors to the rescue

Did you hear that, there are some new heroes in town! I have a new re-vamped kit "Accidents Happen" and it's full of goodies for all those boo-boos. It's also perfect for doctors and nurses! Can't beat that! Check it out!


nancypinct said...

I so love your designs! Your papers are always lovely and your elements are beautiful and often funm. too! I was wondering if you would consider doing the children in your kits with tan/dark skin as well? I am a grandmother of 2 beautiful children, 5 and 4, who are of mixed race. They have asked my why the children in my scrapbook pages are always white when they have "brown" skin. So, I am hunting for mixed race kits and I wonder if others are also. Thank you for listening. Nancy P,

Christina said...

Nancy, I'd be more than happy to do that for you. My own niece is not white so I should get on the ball with that before she gets too big. lol