Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baseball anyone? And Freebie!

First of all let me say that I am NOT a sports fan so please don't blame me if I forgot something. I have been asked (repeatedly) to make a Baseball kit by my CT girls and have finally gotten one done and to tell you the truth... I love these kits! They almost make me want to put my kids into the baseball teams and get some photos. lol. My CT girls were of course excited to show off their cuties and I can't blame them!

Now I have a Freebie for you too (see, so nice! Aren't you glad you made it this far?)

Want another freebie? Check out the Friday Freebie at my Wonder Women's Blog!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back 2 School Grab bag!

I know it's only the middle of August but for SOME of us that means back to school. Goodness, why do they start so early? I just don't get it but that's my kids... they started back at school today. My oldest is 1st grade which is full day now (so weird!) and his sister in Kindergarten. Their younger brother is of course thrilled they're back at school, more fun toys for him to play with while they are away. lol. Anyways, I started making a back to school kit and got carried away so I put it all into a grab-bag for an AMAZING price. We all get the kids goodies for back to school, why not get something cool for ourselves to celebrate?

Even better, head over to the ScrapMatters forum for a chance to WIN this bag! :) Winner will be chosen on Monday.

Friday, August 6, 2010

ScrapMatters Birthday Blog Train

We really are excited to have a birthday celebration and sharing the fun with you is even better, who doesn't love lots of goodies at a party? I know that was my favorite part of a party, the goodie bags were always such a nice treat and full of amazing treasures and goodies. Who says we can't still have birthday party goody bags because we are grown ups right? lol.

First off I wanted to show you this new alphabet I released this week (and yes... the freebie is coming I promise)

And like everything in my store it's on sale for 30% off! Amazing steal so run and check out all of the deals we have going on all week long!

Don't forget that before my stop was
Lori (LoriBear)

Now for the goody... I know you have been anxious for this.


Sorry, Link expired

Now on to the next goody in this party bag!

Sya (Sya's Blueprints)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ScrapMatters 3rd Birthday Party is coming!

From August 6th to August 12th we're going to have a huge birthday bash including a darling new collaboration from the SM designers, games, and all kinds of amazing goodies. I hope you come join us and don't forget the sale, everything in my store is going to be 30% off during the celebration!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

LDS August Blog Train

Welcome to the LDS Blog train for August! I finally jumped on board and am thrilled to be here. Also want to put a shout out for the Peculiar People Designs, a collab made for those special moments available at ScrapMatters again soon.

Here is my portion of the blog train:

Next stop is Audra's Little Scraps:
and a complete list is here at