Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank you and new kit for sale

First of all thank you so much for the well wishes for my baby boy... we sure appreciated you being so kind and loved the comments!

I have a new kit up in my store at Scrappin Out Loud and it's so darling... I used the amazing art of Leah and it's just so fun to work with. I will have this in yet another store come next week, can't wait to share the link with you then for that store as well. Don't worry though, you can still buy it. This kit got really big and the elements didn't all fit into the preview (there were around 50 elements or so... sheesh!)

you can buy them HERE and HERE

Also I am the designer spotlight right now at Scrappin Out loud and thought I'd toot my own horn.

Go check it out...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gift from my birthday boy

Well today my little baby has officially turned 1... it's so weird to me but my third child has grown more quickly. Probably because I have my hands full with the other two. lol. I wanted to make a kit to reflect his interests at this age but, well, that's not a huge kit. lol. I did however make a freebie of a few things that he likes and may come use the rest of those images eventually to make a larger kit. Time will tell. lol. So for tonight this is for my baby... happy birthday honey... again I used the beautiful art of Leah. Download the freebie below

Download it

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy little me

Okay so I've been going like mad making several new kits for collabs for my stores... meaning I can't show you the kits yet as they aren't released. Oops! I do however have extras from my kits and will be getting a freebie up for you soon. I'll let you know where the kits are and previews and such when the time comes. I'm also working on a collab that will be absolutely free and available over many different blogs... so fun!

Here is a tease of a new kit that will be coming out probably beginning of October... I hate to wait. This kit will be 18 papers and 30 elements... and I have a word art extra that will also be for sale that you'll have to wait to see (and it's so cute!) This art is so darling, it's from the talented Leah.

Had to give you an update and no, haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Just busy creating. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Look at this gorgeous present!

Thank you to Sunf, she made this *adorable* tag for me using the "Royal Flush" scrapkit below. Isn't is amazing? She blows me away sometimes that one...

Here is a new tutorial I wrote using my same kit although it is very multi-functional and can use any kit you can dream of:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New kit and Freebie

Well I created a new kit with the amazing work of Leah at

It's called "Doggy Days" and is full of 50 elements and 17 papers! It got a little big I admit. :) Here is a preview... there is *way* more in the kit than I could cram into this preview. It's full!

Here is a FREEBIE for you from my kit.

I also want to show off an adorable layout that was made by Erin aka piraterose with my most recent freebie "Lazy Summer" at DID. I think she did a great job! I will link up those kits to this blog soon now that the contest is over. Isn't this darling?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exciting things going on

Well I have joined a new shop along with my other one... won't be there officially until September so I'll keep it under wraps for now but I'm really excited about this new adventure. I am working hard on a few new kits including one about dogs (for all the doggie lovers) and an *adorable* Halloween kit for when October rolls around. I found the amazing artist Leah and am using some of her new art for these kits... I promise I won't let you down and may offer a freebie here and there with some of these. So excited! By the way, don't forget my offer below... I want to give this kit to a few people! lol.

*Update* I have given this to two people but have found this kit downloaded more than that. I unfortunately will not offer this to any more for free... sorry but people had to mess that up for everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kit for you

I am part of the "Sweet Tarts" team at Digital Candy and forgot to upload my piece of the kit this month... grr... The theme was "Little Garden" and the colors were chosen for us. I didn't want it to go to waste though and thought I'd share it. It's not huge, more of a mini kit but I thought I'd share it...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy me... sorry so long!

Well I have had a lot going on lately, my sister moved in with my family of 5 so we've been busy unpacking her and getting her settled for the time she'll be here... the kids are loving it by the way. lol. Here is the link for the rest of that backyard kit which is again a free kit:

Other than that things are going well. Finally hoping to start getting some designs finished I've worked on and going to start a CT call here soon if anyone is interested. Oh and great news, I got an award from the wonderful Tracey at Aussie Scrappers (she's so sweet!) Here it is:

now i have to award 7 blogs I find awesome so here we go:

1. Jaya at
2. Crzylis89 at
3. Dola at
4. Jen at
5. Brownie Scraps at
6. Jenn at
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