Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What kind of kids do YOU want?

Alright, I need to know if anyone is looking for any "kid" in particular. I now have a darker version of my kids going to be revealed soon that will go along side their lighter versions. I just wanted to double check I'm not forgetting someone else who is really wanting something else. :) Thanks for the note Nancy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nurses and Doctors to the rescue

Did you hear that, there are some new heroes in town! I have a new re-vamped kit "Accidents Happen" and it's full of goodies for all those boo-boos. It's also perfect for doctors and nurses! Can't beat that! Check it out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Want a cute free kit?

I've got a great deal for you, how about a free kit for Easter? :) I never do this but wanted to share the fun. Anyone who is signed up by April 1st to my Newsletter will receive this limited edition kit. It will NOT be released in my store so the only way to get it is by signing up for the newsletter. It will be mailed April 2nd along with the big news and all that excitement so don't miss out!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Want to win?

My Wonder Women are giving away a special goody to one reader today ONLY over on their blog.


Friday, March 12, 2010

First let me start by saying... 6 years ago tomorrow I became a mom for the first time. ((Sniff)) That explains why this email is late this morning, I have been busy with my guest spot at SM and my son's 6th birthday tomorrow. He was 2 months premature weighing 3 lbs 11 oz so tomorrow is even more special for me. No worries, we'll have fun and he'll think it's awesome. In fact we're off to Disneyland later today so I won't be around much. That being said, don't forget my awesome sale at Scrap Matters and Polka Dot Plum right now!

Now onto my new goodies! Are you as excited as I am? Maybe not but you will be once I show you what I've been holding onto all week! Introducing "Enchanted Blooms". My Wonder Woman Manager Trisha came to me asking for a certain idea for her blog and this kit was born, it's absolutely full of goodies and so fun!


I also have another kit for you with more of my own felt people. This one is for the boys... "NO girls allowed"


This is such a versatile and fun kit! Once again I linked it to the store. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun times

If you are like me you love to have new goodies for scrapbooking that never ending stack of photos waiting for their turn to shine in the family photo album. Well I'm here to help you do that. I have so many fabulous new goodies in the store and can't wait to show you even more that are coming soon. In the meantime I wanted to share this sale with you. I know I love these sales, it's like shopping for free and gives me something to look forward to so I hope you enjoy!

Shop at my store at Polka Dot Plum or at my guest spot at Scrap Matters from now to March 20th and you will get a coupon good for the entire month of April for the amount you spent! Now it has to be $5 or over to qualify but that's half the fun of it, a bigger coupon to splurge on yourself with! :) Like my coupon? I have a beautiful (colorful) kit coming this Friday and can't wait to show you what my CT has done with it. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Releases at...SCRAPMATTERS!

I am so excited to announce ALL that has been happening around here! I am going to be a Guest Designer for the month of March at Scrapmatters!


I am looking forward to being able to finally share the kits I have been working on with all of you! It is such an honor to be able to share my designs with the folks over at Scrap Matters, I am grateful to have been asked to mingle with them for the month of March! (seriously jumping up and down right now!!)

So excited to announce my...NEW RELEASES! Go check them out at www.scrapmatters.com

And here is what my CT has been up to:

If you entered the contest please shoot me an email at wimpychompers at hotmail dot com for a prize. :) Thanks for letting me work the bugs out, I promise we'll get this all worked out soon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was messing with my blog last night and apparently all comments for the contest were deleted. What the heck! Leave a comment here and you'll be entered again... sorry!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Goodies and tons of news!

Warning: Make sure you scroll to the bottom for a chance to win a $5 gift card!!!

Alright, I did not drop off the face of the earth! :) First off my baby brother in Chile is alive and doing well as far as we know (someone has reported all in their mission are safe). We are anxiously waiting for him to get electricity again and contact us but we are okay just knowing he is safe. Thank heaven!

I have a new kit for you just released at Polka Dot Plum and it's just adorable! Check it out! Now I know what you're thinking, releases don't come out until Wednesday. That's true, they don't, but this is a Plum Pickin's kit and we release those on the first of every month. Sneaky I know. lol.

My CT really rocked this kit, they are fabulous I tell you! Here is some inspiration from them

So cute and versatile! There were a ton of layouts... I can't cram them all on here! I also have a special sneak peek for tomorrow's release at PDP for an element pack I made. My ct used the tennis kit along with some special elements from my new element pack out tomorrow! From Heather:

Darling isn't it? This next one shows off Theresa's TWINS... no you aren't seeing the same kid twice.

Remember I'll show you those tomorrow.

I also want to run a contest... and since my baby brother is safe I want to double it so I'll be giving away TWO $5 gift cards to my store. Here is the challenge... can you guess which store I'll be starting my guest spot at for March? I have already started honestly but the big release is on Fridays so I am waiting to show you what amazing goodies I've whipped up for you! (And yes, that should narrow down which store it is). I'm so excited, can't wait to tell you! Come back on Friday for special announcements. And the best part is, if you sign up for my newsletter I will have a coupon for you on Friday for my new releases also... they are so awesome you won't want to miss it!!!