Monday, July 28, 2008

Last week of NDIDDS

Well the last week has come and my submission is done after several hours (lol... I know speedy here). In my defense I have no time this week to do it as we're going on vacation here tomorrow and I won't be able to PSP while we are gone (sniff). lol. Here is a preview of my kit and remember, when it's released next week it will be FREE!

I have a giant "add-on" of stuff that didn't get into this kit due to specific requirements... I simply started creating and watched where it took me so I have a bunch of extra pieces. Be back soon with those for you and the kit above will be up and linked here by next Tuesday. Thanks for being patient and feel free to grab the add-on below:

Included in this add-on are:
6 ribbons
2 ties
3 dragonflies
1 folded flower
6 papers
1 paper tag
5 colored tags

Oops, sorry... no longer available

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Playing Deck

I made these cards for my friend Sunf for her amazing group Wonderland but thought that I would share them with anyone interested. I may make a kit to go with this style... time will tell. Please let me know if you would want to see one!

Included is the 4 Jesters, 4 Queens, 4 Kings, 2 Jokers and 2 card backs.

Come check this out at my stores!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New kit for sale!

I am a mother of three small children so this one is close to my heart. I created a kit "A mother's love" for mothers! I made a few things separate so you can decide if you want a boy kit/girl kit/or both (like I would). Feel free to check it out, yes it is a pay kit and I apologize for that but I'm really excited about this one.

You can find it at

Paper pack with both paper sets together:

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here is the add-on for that beautiful girly kit I released recently. I'm sure you have to join the store but it's the same design comp I posted about earlier. Feel free to go download this part, it's actually my favorite pieces of this kit I made and I'm quite thrilled by this. Off to create the kit for this next week... it may get bigger than I intend so look out for another freebie soon. lol.


Monday, July 14, 2008

New scrapkit- She's Beautiful

Okay so I could just keep going with this scrapkit but needed to stop it for now... lol. It's called "She's Beautiful" and the add-on for this kit is part of my submission for this weeks' challenge in that competition I mentioned. (Hint-if you want the add-on it will be available after July 20th and I will have the link for you then).

Here is the kit, hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

New scrapkit- Summer Blossoms

Well I've entered a designers competition and would love any support I can get. This is the kit I made named "Summer Blossoms" and I had to use their color pallet to make any theme kit I liked. Let me tell you, that was a hard pallet for me! lol. Anyways, the designers need people to come look at it, download it, and even comment if they like. If you want this kit (or just feel nice... lol) pop on over and snag it. Any help is appreciated but it's fine if I lose, the contest is how many people download it... silly I know...


Thank you!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Add on for Digitreats Jump

Well like many I'm a huge fan of what she's doing at Digitreats. I am newer at scrapmaking but definitely not new at PSP and thought it would be a blast to offer add-ons to her amazing work. Please feel free to leave comments and thanks for coming by! By the way, after I did this preview I realized I had left out one of my papers... oops! It's in the kit just not here in the preview... stinker.

Sorry, Link EXPIRED