Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last call

Well I will be taking my links down soon for my free kits from the SAS competition so please remember that and no one scream at me... they'll be gone by Friday. If anyone still wanted them they will be for sale at my stores http://designsindigital.com/ and http://www.digiscrapboutique.com/ So fun! I'm really looking forward to both of those stores and hope to see you there too. :)

In other news here is a tutorial I wrote using my kit "Little Pumpkin Patch" but really *any* kit could be used for it (so cool I know... I try to do that). Only problem is that I don't remember the site for the mask by Vix... don't remember who that is! Someone help!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 4 Free Kit

Well this is the final week in the competition and I have to admit it's been a lot of fun. I know I've been nuts but it's pushed me hard to do more with my kits and I love that about competitions, they are a little addicting for me. (roflol). Anyways, this week was supposed to be a kit with whatever theme and color pallet we chose. I am still on the fence if I will enter this in the competition but while I debate I figured I'd share it with you. I didn't want to do a "theme" in particular but rather a kit that I loved, thought was beautiful, and was stuffed full of delicious goodies to scrapbook/tag with. Ahh... got to love that!!!

Here is what I created...

Oops, link expired! Come buy this kit at one of my amazing stores if you like!

Here is a layout of hubby and I with this kit... what a goofy photo!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Preview and some awesome tags!

Well week 3 went really well in the competition and I've moved on to round 4... I'm not in it for blood or anything but rather enjoying the challenge and seeing the response to what I design. That being said this week was tough, we are supposed to do a kit with whatever style we like, any color pallet. I have too many things knocking around in my brain so I sat down with a color pallet I enjoyed, a bunch of grunge overlays, and created. I'm actually pleased with the outcome, I will load it up tomorrow.

In other news some friends of mine have used my kit from week 3 to make tags and goodness are they gorgeous or what!! They are both two of the most talented taggers, I sure appreciate these girls (laughing... they may be surprised to know that). I am working on some layouts and hoping to get some from my CT team once we get organized, it's been nuts around here lately so that's still in the works. Be on the lookout for my kit tomorrow by the way, it will be free for a limited time!

The first is by Kit, it's so amazing!

This one is by Sunf, she blows me away that girl

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekly Releases

Well I have some new releases for you this week and some other fun news. First of all I have a few girls on my CT team and I'm so thrilled, I can't wait to see what they do with my kits! They are Lisa G, Cris L, and Carolzinha! I will have some of their work up soon.

Another exciting thing is I've joined the girls at DigiScrap Boutique http://www.digiscrapboutique.com/boutique/ Isn't it a cute store? I'm really excited that they accepted me and I am still with http://designsindigital.com/ and http://scrappinoutloud.com/ (until the end of the month that is for the last one...)

I also have a new release coming out for you. These all will be on sale 50% off for the first day (Wed, Sept 24) and then 30% off from Thurs- Sat, Sept 25-27 so don't miss out on the great deal.

This one is a cowboy/cowgirl kit and super cute. I really had fun with it and used the amazing work by Leah.

The next is a hybrid item of sorts. Add your information on the card as you like it.

Once happy you can either take this card and have it printed in photo size (it's already 4x6 for you) or printed from home. You can either have them laminated or add them to a photo album of recipes... the sky is the limit! Printed cards make great presents too! I ask that you don't share the file with anyone though, you may only share a printed copy of this file.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 3 Freebie

Well I continued to the next round of the Sassy Competition! I'll admit this is really kicking me in the rear but I am enjoying the challenge more than anything. It's pushed me to do things I am not used to and I'm pleased with the way my kits are turning out. This week was a vintage/heritage inspired theme and although this was new to me I really enjoyed this one. Here is my download, I hope you enjoy it!

There are 18 papers and 40+ elements in this kit, it got away from me I'm afraid (and not all elements are shown).

Oops, link expired. Come buy this at one of my stores!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Introducing 2 CT Tagger Members

I have asked two very talented (and new) tutorial writers to join my CT team as tutorial writers and am hoping to get some more here in the next month or so, who knows. :) Here are some examples of their beautiful work, feel free to check them out.

My first member Janet is at http://eyeopeningdesigns.com/psp/ and wrote this adorable tutorial using my pay kit "Doggy Days"

HERE is the tutorial

My second tutorial writer is Donna at http://ca.msnusers.com/DonnasBasicTutorials and she used my free kit "Heroes Never Die" and made two tutorials.

HERE is the first tutorial

Here is the second tutorial

I will announce my CT team for scrapbooking soon but will still consider applications. Thank you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 2- Freebie

This kit is all about a beautiful day in the garden and the magic you feel there with the blossoming flowers around you. I dedicate this kit to my sister. Included in the elements are 17 elements and 1 alphabet. Included in the paper pack are 16 papers. I hope you enjoy it!

Oops, link expired. Come find this kit in my 2 stores!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"A New Day Dawns" Blog Train Freebie

The Ladies at "Truly Inspired" have a wonderful present for you, I am so excited about this. We created a collab kit for all of you to collect by blog train and it's so beautiful. This kit is named "A New Day Dawns" and is about healing and hoping for a beautiful tomorrow. It's so beautiful and I hope that all of you can find the beauty in this kit and healing in your hearts.

My portion is this

Download my kit here:
*Some of the elements are smaller than they should be now that I'm reviewing them. They are suitable for taggers but scrapbooking may be hard with some of these elements. I appologize about that. I know better than to do that but I made this kit a while ago.*

Don't forget to go pick up the rest at these sites and let them all know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Designs by Helly http://designsbyhelly.blogspot.com/

DMK Designs http://dmkdesigns.blogspot.com/

KissedbyPix http://kissedbypix.blogspot.com/

Rainy Day Scraps http://rainydayscraps.blogspot.com/

Summerlovinggal http://summerlovinggal.blogspot.com/

Cancer Moon Creations http://cancermooncreations.blogspot.com/

Lava Down Under Scraps http://lavadownunderscraps.blogspot.com/

The Posh Box http://www.theposhboxscraps.blogspot.com/

LadyQueensCreations http://ladyqueenspspcreations.blogspot.com/

MamaCatScraps http://mamacatscrap.blogspot.com/

Lay Em Out http://layemout.blogspot.com/

Designs by Tishia http://designsbytishia.blogspot.com/

Outback Dezigns http://outbackdezigns.blogspot.com/

Willow Art Productions http://willowartproductions.blogspot.com/

Monkey Doodle Designs http://erikasstuff.blogspot.com/

New Releases!

I have some new releases for you today and I am so excited! To find these items on sale go to: http://designsindigital.com These will all be 50% off for today, Wednesday Sept 10 and then 30% off Thursday through Saturday, September 11-13 so grab them at a great price while you can!

First is an Add-on to the Scrap Factor tote. My portion was the "Summer Magic" kit and I have a beautiful add-on for you now on sale!

I also have a brand new kit called "Halloween Darlings" and it is jammed full of darling elements for those cute Halloween photos. I also have an add-on wordart to make your pages pop, just copy and paste them as titles! I'm also selling these at http://scrappinoutloud.com

I have a beautiful set of flowers for you and a set of dates tags also to go with your scrapbooking needs.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Tag

Here is a new tag I created with my kit. I may write a tutorial on it. Another tutorial writer also has asked for permission to use this kit so I am hoping to have the link to that for you soon too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Okay, I have a new freebie for you... this one is about Heroes.

I joined a new competition at Stone Accents Studio and with the coming of September 11th we were challenged to try a "Hero" kit. I am the granddaughter of a Retired Fire Captain and live next door (literally) to our local Fire Station so I am surrounded by reminders of how amazing Fire Fighters are. (By the way, I totally was going to do TEACHERS for this assignment but changed last minute... had to give credits to teachers... love you hubby...)

Anyways, here is my kit.. feel free to check it out.. download it... use it. lol.

Oops, sorry... Link expired. You can buy this kit at my stores now!

Don't forget my CT call going on... I'd love to hear from you!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kits for Sale, freebies, etc

Gosh I've been super crazy lately, just ask my kids and hubby. lol. I have a few collaboration kits that have been created, one of which is a pay kit and two are FREEBIES of all things. Yay for free right? lol. I unfortunately I can't show you the 1st free kit until September 11th but I promise it's worth checking out... come back and get it and I promise it will be worth it. That one is a blog train actually, very exciting.

This next one is the pay collab kit. I'll show you my portion of the collab:

The other parts are darling... the theme is "Country Schoolhouse" and is an old school feeling. Very cute and it's for sale for $8.99 and can be bought here:

This one is a FREEBIE! You do have to register but they have a monthly freebie that I'm helping to create. Here is a preview of the entire kit. Come on, who can beat FREE???

On the sales front I've got a sale going on this week in my store at

50% off ALL my items on Wednesday, September 3rd at http://designsindigital.com/

30% off my items from Thursday through Saturday at both stores! Don't miss it!