Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Releases for Oct 1st

Okay, so I'm a day late. Oops! Just so you know the competition I was in is over and the kits that were for free are now for sale in my stores. I am working on adding to the firefighter kit but all 4 can be found at and along with my newest kits below... (You may have seen "Royal Flush" before as this has been on my blog in the past...)

In other news we have a new collab kit at designs in digital and it's a doozy! Look what we've done to support the Breast Cancer research!

Here is the kit I helped make:

They also have the "cancer commandos" for sale and the best part is, you can buy both *huge* kits for only $8, $5 if you want them separately! What a beautiful deal. Come on and check them out, we are having a competition here after all between the designers to see who can raise the most money!

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Nani said...

Hi Christina! I have an award waiting for you at The Chronicles of Nani!