Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New kits!

Well first of all, someone here loves me in the town I live... lol. Okay, so technically it's not me, it's just that our town needed a really cool store. We now have a SUPER TARGET and it's only a few miles from my house! Okay, so you may be laughing at me but oh holy cow... it's HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and I am so in Heaven. :) I took my three kids this morning, it's officially open even though the big grand opening isn't here yet. I was so thrilled... they first of all had a shopping cart that all three of my little ones could sit in. Yes, no one was walking. They were held captive! (giggling mother here) I didn't have to yell at them! Yay! I got what I needed and then some, I never can walk out of there with just a few things. (Partly why it's dangerous to let me loose there). Ahh... oh well. So that was my good news for today.

Other good news, almost forgot. I have some new kits for you and they are 50% off today (Wed) and 30% through Saturday!

I also am now selling my kits from the competition I was recently in... I appologize for anyone who missed them but you can buy them for not too much...

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