Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meaning behind the crazy name

Well I guess I should get around to explaining my odd name. :) I am actually Christina but my nickname Wimpychompers is odd and I realize that. There is a goofy reason behind it and no, my teeth aren't *that* bad. lol.

My best friend and I were at camp when we were 13 (it was a camp for girls and we go from the ages of 12 to 18... so fun!) Anyways, they were giving out nicknames as a joke around the campfire. My friend is a known wimp and she was nicknamed "Wimpy". They named other girls and by the time they got to me I was chewing bubble gum (I rarely ever did so this was an unusual thing for me). They nicknamed me "Chompers" which I hated but, of course, stuck. I was looking for a sign in name for something probably 10 years ago (ha, giving my age away now.. lol... I am 27 by the way) and put the two nicknames together. Ironically it worked and is not a common name (come on, who would use it?) That's how the nickname was born. I have my tutorial site "Wimpys Wonders" and then as a creator I go by "Wimpychompers Creations".

Had to share that with you today. It made me giggle.

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