Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy me... sorry so long!

Well I have had a lot going on lately, my sister moved in with my family of 5 so we've been busy unpacking her and getting her settled for the time she'll be here... the kids are loving it by the way. lol. Here is the link for the rest of that backyard kit which is again a free kit:

Other than that things are going well. Finally hoping to start getting some designs finished I've worked on and going to start a CT call here soon if anyone is interested. Oh and great news, I got an award from the wonderful Tracey at Aussie Scrappers (she's so sweet!) Here it is:

now i have to award 7 blogs I find awesome so here we go:

1. Jaya at
2. Crzylis89 at
3. Dola at
4. Jen at
5. Brownie Scraps at
6. Jenn at
7. Danielle at

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