Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Stores and a contest

Alright, so I'm not signing up for a new store, no one start freaking out. lol. I sell at Digital Candy and Designs in Digital only starting April due to Snap and Scrap shutting her doors soon.

I did however have some new stores for you to check out. First of all the amazing Danielle Corbitt has taken the plunge and is opening her own store. Yay Danielle! For this weekend she's got a sale of 20% off everything for you too. It's not completed yet so excuse the dust but her store looks great! (It doesn't hurt that I've been her CT girl since I started scrapbooking by the way, she's so talented!) Come check it out!

I also stumbled on another store recently, well, it actually fell in my lap. lol. They are amazing, it's a super cute store with some really amazingly talented designers. Come check them out!

I've just joined their CT team (they are having a CT call if anyone is interested) and it's just so fun to work with other designers and get some layouts done finally. :) (Like I'm not busy enough right? lol. My kids are 4, 3 and 18 months, I think that busy is my middle name).

Here's another sneaky post from me... how about this special for you?

That's right, I'm giving away a $5 gift certificate for my store! This won't be able to be combined with the 50% off coupon but will still get you free stuff, can't beat that! Anyone who buys something from my store between now and March 13th will be entered in the drawing. :) Yay! Thanks for being so wonderful and have a great weekend.

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