Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm HOME! :)

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season, it's already done and that blows me away. My kids were spoiled rotten and had a blast on our family vacation (we left to visit my grandparents the day after Christmas, what a drive! It was nice though and my 3 year old LOVED the snow they had there). It was sure nice to be home again though, I missed my bed and my computer was so sad without me. (laughing, I'm not THAT sad I promise!)

Well I have new things in store for you this year including this fabulous announcement:

I am going to join the new owners at Digital Candy! I felt a little unsure at first, another store and all, but this was the first home I ever had and the reason I ever started interest in digital scrapbooking, I really have wanted to join for a long time. The designers there are fabulous and I look forward to the new year at this store as well. I didn't leave any of my others, although I definitely won't be adding any more (lol, stretching it here). I hope you are all doing well and I have some beautiful new items coming soon!

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