Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Special Offer

I am looking for a ONE TIME CT team for this special project. The following are the qualifications:

*An army/navy/marine/sailor/etc wife, spouse, daughter, parent...
*2 layouts per kit
*Display your kits in the galleries requested (more information will be emailed to you if asked).

So what do you need to do to get a FREE kit and work with this new release? Email me at and let me know a few things about you.

1. Link to gallery with recent layouts by yourself
2. Where is your spouse/sibling/child/parent/etc serving in the services (or did if retired)
3. Email

This is a ONE TIME ONLY CT call so you won't be under obligation to continue on my CT team. I just thought this would be a fun way to advertise for myself and, the best part, share some love and give this kit to someone who really needs a pick me up. :) Just so you know, these kits do use artwork by Whimsy Primsy and are cuter styles so they are more geared for a family in the services with children, or just anyone who prefers it with cute graphics. Here is a preview of one of the kits (the naval kit) to give you an idea. I look forward to hearing from you! I will soon be releasing this series of kits and have extra goodies that go along with them. I have been working on naval, army, and air force or as I called them while working " Sea, Land and Air".

*not all elements shown in previews*

Add-on for this kit:
*if there is any other brad/quote you'd like seen speak up now... *

Thank you to those who protect us! I have a SIL who served in Iraq and a BIL who is in the army as a linguist. My husband and I both have members of older generations who served their country as well and we are so grateful, these kits really meant a lot to me and I hope they mean a lot to the rest of you!

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