Friday, September 26, 2008

Preview and some awesome tags!

Well week 3 went really well in the competition and I've moved on to round 4... I'm not in it for blood or anything but rather enjoying the challenge and seeing the response to what I design. That being said this week was tough, we are supposed to do a kit with whatever style we like, any color pallet. I have too many things knocking around in my brain so I sat down with a color pallet I enjoyed, a bunch of grunge overlays, and created. I'm actually pleased with the outcome, I will load it up tomorrow.

In other news some friends of mine have used my kit from week 3 to make tags and goodness are they gorgeous or what!! They are both two of the most talented taggers, I sure appreciate these girls (laughing... they may be surprised to know that). I am working on some layouts and hoping to get some from my CT team once we get organized, it's been nuts around here lately so that's still in the works. Be on the lookout for my kit tomorrow by the way, it will be free for a limited time!

The first is by Kit, it's so amazing!

This one is by Sunf, she blows me away that girl

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