Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kits for Sale, freebies, etc

Gosh I've been super crazy lately, just ask my kids and hubby. lol. I have a few collaboration kits that have been created, one of which is a pay kit and two are FREEBIES of all things. Yay for free right? lol. I unfortunately I can't show you the 1st free kit until September 11th but I promise it's worth checking out... come back and get it and I promise it will be worth it. That one is a blog train actually, very exciting.

This next one is the pay collab kit. I'll show you my portion of the collab:

The other parts are darling... the theme is "Country Schoolhouse" and is an old school feeling. Very cute and it's for sale for $8.99 and can be bought here:

This one is a FREEBIE! You do have to register but they have a monthly freebie that I'm helping to create. Here is a preview of the entire kit. Come on, who can beat FREE???

On the sales front I've got a sale going on this week in my store at

50% off ALL my items on Wednesday, September 3rd at http://designsindigital.com/

30% off my items from Thursday through Saturday at both stores! Don't miss it!

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