Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's talk about printing!

Alright, so who do you use to print your amazing scrapbooking goodies? Anyone? I know I was stumped the last two years and not only could I figure out who had the best quality prints but I also didn't know who was reasonably priced (and go figure, spending $100 a pop was too hard for me). Instead I let me layouts pile up in folders, to be hidden on my laptop for only me to see. Well I've finally found a way to get them printed for a set amount a month and I am really happy about it.

I joined Heritage Makers and no, I didn't do it for the heck of it. lol. The basic membership was free so I went with that but recently they started a "club" that I was really interested in. For $50 a month I am getting free access to their amazing collection of kits (a lot from stores I already shop at and love like Sweet Shoppe and ScrapMatters!) I can use any of their kits/items and templates to make a variety of projects. My biggest thrill of course was the fact that I can load my finished layouts that I have held onto and get them PRINTED. I am so excited! I am getting 70 points a month (each point is worth $1) for only $50 and they last from 2 years of purchase. Now if I want to print out my layouts I have a motivation to do it. They had a $30 a month club too which gives me 40 points that I really liked as well... although I have my eye on some canvases for my house at the moment. lol. Honestly, why do I hide my creations on a computer or in cyber space? My kids love to see them, I should print!

Well here's the thing, if you join me in this great publishing club I can even make it better. If you sign up under the $30 a month I'll throw in my own coupon for you for $10 a month to my store to get anything you need to finish off those beautiful layouts. If you join the $50 a month club you get $20 a month coupons from me. So isn't that just the best of all worlds, you get things printed at great quality and you have a designer at your fingertips who can offer anything you may need! I even take requests!

Check it out and if you want to sign up we can do this together. Let's get our projects off our computers and into the hands of our families!

Oh and BTW, new release tomorrow! Yay!!!

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