Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you

I am so touched by so many of you that have offered me your support with the closing of Digital Candy. It has finally been sinking in and I think I will soon be able to announce where my new home will be located at, it does take time to get moved after all. I will be joining a few stores over the next few months, I am hesitant to become Exclusive to anyone for a while now because of what happened. It's just a personal choice, I hope no one takes that offensively.

Thank you again to the amazing ladies in this community, you really are wonderful. I also want to thank my CT team now being re-named "Wimpy's Gypsy Girls" in a loving manner by the way... they keep moving around with me and are so strong, what would I do without them?

Expect great things, I have some good news coming soon and lots of work "behind the scenes". Also go ahead and sign up for my newsletter if you want, I am going to send out occasional news and coupons so it's worth the sign-up and not a ton of junk mail. :)

1 comment:

Kris Ann said...

good luck in your new adventures. When one door closes, another one usually opens with something even better.