Tuesday, May 5, 2009

People amaze me!

So much drama in the designers world lately, makes my head spin... thankfully I wasn't involved but it still surprised me at how people acted.

Then today I got emails and pm's from several fellow designers letting me know they found a kit of mine being shared on the internet, among a ton of other kits from other designers, that was a kit we sell. NOT cool. The culprit is being attacked on all sides and we're hoping to shut her down ASAP. Unfortunately I knew this kind of thing happens and thankfully take it with a grain of salt so to speak. Now I do NOT want to find this happening again of course but if we can get the kits *off* her sharing guru site we're doing something at least.

Just be warned, if I *ever* catch someone sharing my kits it will get back to me, we as designers watch out for each other. Heck, we give freebies all the time, is that not enough?

Off my soap box. I came to just express how grateful I was that so many cared to tell me and make sure I knew. Thank you all of you...

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Relief Society said...

So not cool to steal from anyone...especially when you are giving free kits and all! Take her down all you design girls...this is so not cool!!! People need to just be honest. I'm with you Christina!