Sunday, April 26, 2009


First of all the May collab for Digital Candy is coming soon and it's beautiful!!! We also have a formal invitation for you to attend our special red carpet event for National Scrapbooking Day next weekend. It will be tons of fun, lots of prizes, and I've heard the entire store will be on sale! Can't beat that! By the way, the invitation was created using the mega kit if that's a good hint. :) More previews to come I promise.

We also have another exciting thing going on May 1st. Our Sweet Tarts are designers in training and are finally ready, and so excited, to be opening their OWN STORE! They will have a blog train, fun freebies, and a new store to show off their new digs. They are working hard and are really excited. Their monthly freebie will be out soon too and it's going to be yummy!

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