Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please pray for Chile

An 8.8 earthquake has his Chile and there is so much devestation there. Now I know this may be news to some of you but it's especially important to my own family. See, my baby brother is there for his mission for the LDS church. He's been on his mission 6 months, has 18 more to go. It hit early in the morning and has caused some real problems. Thankfully a lot of buildings are built for earthquakes but this doesn't mean much when an earthquake is that large. Please pray for the people in Chile... we are desperately waiting to hear from my brother. He's only 20.


Mom to J & J said...

Oh dear - hadn't heard that yet. Sending good thoughts about your brother and everyone. Keep us posted.

Trisha said...

Prayers heading your brother's way! Let us know when you hear from him! HUGS!

Amanda said...

I've been thinking about that place all morning! I hope you hear from your brother soon! Prayers and thoughts are with Chile!